CarShield complaint: Very common Nissan transmissions problem

on 01 June 2022 about CarShield in category Insurance Companies

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My complaint:

Claim was started on the third of may a Tuesday, the estimate was sent on the fourth in am on Friday morning called the dealer to check up and they did not here anything, I then called car shield claims they told me the adjuster wanted more diagnostic information but never called the dealer so I call the dealer to tell them. It took another two days to get the adjuster on the phone, now that’s a five day delay. Then I called the dealer to check up and again they haven’t heard back from car shield, so I called them again, now I’m told the adjuster wanted a better price on the repairs but again he never called the dealer. I told the dealer what car shield claims wanted and that took a couple more day’s, so now I’m over two week’s in a rental and no approval yet, that’s about seven day’s of delays, . The third week I call again and still no approval so I called car shield again , they tell me now they are waiting for maintenance records and i asked way no one called me , I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY ENGINE MAINTENANCE RECORDS HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE TRANSMISSION. Now that’s another three days of delays do to your negligence in not making phone calls to get the information you require. The claim was finally authorize but they said on tw days of rental was covered. I called a raised hell and was told a lead claims person would call me , i waited three days and no call, so I called car shield again and was told they were going to cover 7 days now, it’s better but it dosen’t cover all the delay time do to them not calling to get the information they wanted, now I am stuck with three weeks of rental do to thier negligence and lack of calling the repair shop and me. This is a total lack of customer service and I should not be responsible to cover all that rental because the adjusters don’t want to make calls to complete their claims, they just wait tell the shop or customers call them. A bunch of crap. I am disabled and and now I have to make the choice to either not pay my rent or pay my monthly Bill’s to cover the rental because of thier lack of communication. As I said this transmission problem is a very common issue and why car shield kept delaying the claim .not very professional. Friday will make it thirty days that the car been in the shop for a very common problem.

Suggested solution:

They should cover the seven days of rental per the contract, plus they should cover at least ten more days do to the delays because they never called anyone to get the information that they wanted. I should not be responsible for for the weeks of rental do to thier failure to get the information they want.

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