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on 23 January 2021 about British Airways in category Airlines

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My complaint:

I took a flight from Rio de Janeiro to Sydney with two stop overs. The trip was divided in three flights. The first one was from Rio to Madrid operated by Iberia Airlines, the second one was from Madrid to London -this flight was changed without notification and it suppose d to be operated by British Airways but it was operated by Iberia Airlines -, and the third one supposed to be from London to Sydney operated by British Airways.
When I arrived at London Heathrow airport I found out that my flight to Sydney was canceled by te company. I went to British Airways counter and explained my situation and that I wasnt notified about this change. I then asked them to put me on any flight to Sydney and they told me that there was no flights available untill february and that British Airways wasn’t operating any flights. I then asked to be relocated into another flight. They informed me that they couldn’t do that and, because I booked my flight with a travel agency they would have to sort this out for me. In the meantime I had to wait there. I explained that I had no card with me and there was no currency exchange stores open at the airport. Yet, nothing was done.
I called the travel agency and they tried to contact British Airways to see what could be done. The trave agency told me that British Airways could relocate me in anyflight from any company that operates on their behalf if there is flights available and that there were flights available at that day but nothing could be done through their system and I had to go to a British Airways counter to do it. I went there at night and there was no one available.
The next day I went there one more time and, again, they told me that there was nothing they could do for me, that there was no flights and that the travel agency was responsible for this.
I kept contacting the travel agency and they kept saying that BA could put me in another flight as long as it was available. I then called British airways and the agents ed me that if the flight was cancelled they should be able to put me in another flight but they couldnt do it in their system.
Again I went to the counter and they told me that there was no flights available and it wasn’t their problem.
I decided to check the departures from London and I found out that since the day I arrived at the airport there’s been flights departuring from London to Doha and flights departuring from Doha to Sydney, all operated by Qatar Airways. There was also flights with the same itinerary being operated by Iberia Airlines.
I arrived at London Heatrhow Airport at 20012021. On 22012021 I found out about these flights. On 23012021 without any notification I found out that I was booked in a Qatar Airways flight departuring from London to Doha on the 25012021. NO ONE SEND ME ANY NOTIFICATION ABOUT THIS CHANGE. I ACCIDENTALLY FOUND IT BECAUSE I DECIDED TO CHECK FOR MORE DETAIL ABOUT MY PREVIOUS FLIGHTS.
Now, I have to do a COVID19 test in order to be able to travel and I have no means to do it. I asked British Airways for assistance and all they said is that there is nothing they can do to help me.
I left Brazil with a negative covid test arranged for my trip and now I am stuck in London Heathrow airport with no support and no assistance from British Airways. Because of their cancelation I’ve been spending the last three days with no money, no food, no where to go and at risk of contracting covid. Now I have to do a new covid test that I can’t afford to pay otherwise I wont be able to finish my trip.

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Suggested solution:

British Airways should've first of all cancelled the intire trip. If I book a trip to Sydney I expect to land in Sydney not in London. If I wanted to go to London I would've booked a flight to London.
Second, British Airways should've relocated me into another flight as soon as possible, put me in a hotel and pay for my expenses while at the airport.
And third, British Airways SHOULD pay for my new covid test. I traveled with covid PCR test provind that I was covid free and, during the last three days I exposed my self everytime I had to walk around the airport. Not to mention the cold weather that I was exposed every single time I had to walk out the Hotel.

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