Complaint: Unauthorised payment on my card

on 11 January 2022 about in category Hotels / Motels

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My complaint:

I have registered a complaint and was assured that bookings would revert urgently. This happened on the 31st if December. I was called on the 4th with this assurance.


I have been trying to resolve this issue for days.
No response from or from the hotel despite several emails, phone calls that go unanswered and a WhatsApp message from a hotel staff member that told me to speak to reception.

I booked the hotel and was required to change the dates which I did within the free cancellation period.
I then pre-paid in full for the accommodation of £483
I received an email on departure saying I owed £1051. For cancelled nights and for the accommodation .
I immediately went down to reception and showed them the email, showed the proof of payment and that I did not owe for cancelled accommodation as i had merely moved the dates . I was given the assurance that this must be an oversight and that i would not be charged.
Not 2 hours later i received and email from the hotel saying I had been debited!
I frantically tried to reach the hotel. They do not pick up their phone. I CONTACTED bookings and was told that they had also tried to contact the hotel with no luck but that they would lodge  a request.

They emptied my bank account and I was left with no money for food whilst travelling in the UK over New Year!!!!

Still no response from either bookings or the hotel and i am furious and desperate.
I expect my CVV number to be secure and i cannot understand how, having paid in full with bookings prior to travel that the hotel would have my details and could summarily deduct the payment. This is unauthorised and illegal!

Suggested solution:

I want bookings to explain how this was permitted. I want compensation for being without any money in my account over New Year.

Bookings has to come back to me

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