Complaint: Ruge manner of address

on 16 July 2022 about in category Hotels / Motels

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My complaint:

Today I was searching for a possible hotel in Singapore and clicked on Their booking website popped up and in large capital letters I read “Where to next, Golding?” Firstly I find it extremely rude to address a possible client by his surname alone without the courtesy of his title albeit Mr. Dr. Professor or anything else. You are well aware of my title as on the same page you welcome me with both my first name and my surname. These days to my annoyance strangers or companies will often address me by my first name alone and although this does annoy me I have come to realise that this is acceptable in this day and age BUT to just address somebody by their surname alone is not. I habe booked through many times but can assure you I will never again.

R. Golding

Tel: 27827774672

Suggested solution:

Allow a native English speaking person to review their website. The Dutch do speak almost perfect English but will occasionally make mistakes.

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