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My complaint:’s listing of Palais Farah was completely misleading. They promised a luxurious place with all sorts of amenities but delivered none of that. There was no one at the front desk, no security, and the swimming pool was just an empty pit. The bathroom had a tub that was difficult to use and certainly not suitable for everyone. Additionally, the manager’s behavior was very unprofessional, suggesting cash deals to bypass I was there for less than two hours before I had to leave, standing outside on the highway with my luggage.’s customer service was no help at all, just repeating sorry without offering any real solutions. This place is not run like a business; it feels more like a neglected hobby. Stay away if you’re looking for a professional service. Palias Farah (Manager) took our pictures and took pictures of our suitcase without our permission on her cell phone.

As a frequent traveler and dedicated medical professional, I attended a doctor’s conference and experienced an egregious failure of service at Palais Farah in Marrakech, booked through The stark contrast between the advertised and actual conditions forced me to leave the premises in less than two hours—exactly 1 hour and 47 minutes after arrival.

Blatant Discrepancies and Unmet Promises:
– Non-existent 24/7 Front Desk and Security: There was no staff or security present, leaving the property feeling unsafe and unmanaged.
– Lack of Advertised Amenities: Promised yoga classes, a functional swimming pool, and on-site dining facilities were completely absent. The pool was dry, and the supposed bar and breakfast service were nowhere to be found.
– Safety and Accessibility Concerns: The private bathrooms were equipped with large, impractical tubs with no proper showers—posing a potential hazard, especially for anyone with mobility issues.
– Unprofessional Management Practices: The manager’s behavior was unsettling; taking unsolicited photographs of guests and proposing under-the-table cash transactions for extended stays.

A Nightmare Escalation:
After realizing the dire conditions, we found ourselves stranded outside on the main highway with our luggage. Despite attempting to resolve the situation through’s customer service, I was met with repetitive apologies without any substantial assistance or acknowledgment of the gravity of our predicament. Their response did not reflect the urgency or severity of the situation, 4,000 kilometers away from home, where I aimed to contribute to global medical advancements in a stress-free environment. Instead, exacerbated what was already the worst lodging experience I’ve encountered with them, despite having booked 35 previous stays and numerous attractions through their platform.

Demand for Action:
This incident has compelled me to advise my professional network to sever all ties with, advocating for accountability and a shift in how they value their customers. It’s clear that without genuine customer satisfaction, their business model is unsustainable. I am publicly demanding a full refund or credit for the unacceptable service that was far below the expected standard.

Final Word:
I urge everyone planning travel or organizing events to steer clear of Palais Farah and to reconsider their use of unless significant improvements are made. I am sharing this message across all social media platforms to amplify the call for transparency and accountability in travel accommodations.

Suggested solution:

Refund, credit back or something

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