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My complaint: I want to to buy products they said they didn’t take credit cards so I they told me to go to and I did deposit $200 with my debit Visa card last four digits are 9889 they took my money they had to wait three days I signed up with the email with password everything since July 3rd I tried to send that money to have been unsuccessful support team kept telling me to do this through that anyway it said I got like seven wallets and that I have to go through every wallet but I know my original wallet the 12 words they gave me didn’t work and I’m at $200 now I went to complain at coin and when they asked me to put in my email I spoke to a person on the phone at first she said my email was not good which makes no sense cuz I’ve been using my email all month to get into the site and then I went to the the the coinbase place they said that the or they didn’t say but I found that complaint form and it said that my I did not have an email I do not have a password it was no good so they’ve done something that got mad at me and they cut me entirely off I’ve got all kinds of information on all my email so you can see everything I’ve done so they know that this is

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They should resolve this for paying me thousands of dollars for the middle anguish that I went through I'm talking hundreds of thousands I am so tired my blood pressure was 200 over 113 I'm trying to get all this in cuz I only have 1% left on my phone so I'm talking real fast they have cheated me out they stole

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