Complaint: Bittrex refusing to return all of my money they took!

on 14 September 2021 about Bittrex in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

August 25th 2021
Bittrex sent and advertisement to my wife talking about the new BEP-20ERC-20 Bridge and said they would give her trading credit to sign up. She signed up did the KYC and deposited 15,943.49 DVI coins ($8000) her entire savings!!!! The coins did not arrive and after being dismissed and ignored by support. It was proven they are in possession of her coins but said they do not use the bridge and only use ERC-20 so they are keeping her coins and case closed. They also said they would not respond to her again and ignored her. Their own written policy (have to search to find it) states is you send BEP-20 to a ERC-20 wallet they will only return them for a $2500 fee. I wrote them told them to take the fee and return my wife coins. They refuse and proof has been shown and is public that they have her coins in their possession and in their wallet and refuse to honor their own written contract. They simple say they wont help case closed then ignore any follow up emails. They have this advertisement set up to get people to send BEP-20 to get $2500 out of them but when the money sent is worth more than the $2500 they just steal the whole amount and will breach their own written contract and keep your money. They are now lying even though the proof is public and say they cannot find them. I will post the PUBLIC proof they have them.

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Suggested solution:

Take your blood money!! and return my wife's coins!!!!

They should honor Their written and legal agreement and take their fee and return the rest of the coins to my wife wallet immediately!!

Bittrex refusing to return all of my money they took!
Bittrex refusing to return all of my money they took!
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3 months ago

Try suing in small claims court