Complaint: Order limit hidden, they filled behind my back lead to a huge loss.

on 08 January 2021 about Binance in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:


I’m contacting you because I have a problem with the platform Binance.
Here is the email I sent them to give all the details I could about my issue.

I made an order on the crypto-assets NEBL on Binance the 01-02-2021 at 22:00. I wanted to make a market order. When I tried to validate it, it didn’t work and didn’t appeared in the ordered history. Then I checked if it wasn’t in my history as a limit order, but it wasn’t. Nothing was recorded in my history as filled or pending.

Then I did it again. And Again. And Again. The last order I made was maybe around 22:08.

Still no order filled or pending. My equity was intact. Then the assets value dropped (NEBL). I didn’t understand where the order bug came from, but I was happy my order wasn’t filled. I double checked all the order history record to make sure to cancel any order limit that I might have made by mistake, it was around 22:15. Then I went away from my keyboard to celebrate. I came back later, half an hour after to check where my bitcoin was at, but checking my balance made my blood curdle. I saw that I had no more bitcoin, and my balance displayed load of NEBL. I checked my balance in dollar and I saw that I was at huge loss I tried to sell everything but I couldn’t until it reached even bigger loss. Then I checked my history record and at this moment the order limit was visible and was filled at 22:45, even though at any moment before I could see it. Binance is trying to turn the situation to make me sole responsible for that, which is totally wrong and unfair. But from another side, I’m sure Binance can reasonnably understand and admit that it is unacceptable that a fail to display order limit in history record may lead their customer to lose 20k. If you check what happened on Binance at this moment (2nd Jan 2021 around 22:00), I’m sure you will see that many people met issues with limit and market order. Checking the forums, I saw when high volume of trading income, such type of problems may occurs specially on Binance. I use Kraken, Huobi, Kucoin, Hotbit, Okex, Etoro, and I’ve never ever had this kind of problem.

I tried to discuss with them and find a friendly resolution, but even they apologized on twitter for the issues encountered on their website because of high trading volume, they answer to my email denying any technicals issue. I’m asking for them to communicate the proofs that no technical issue has been met during the moment I reporting, but they ignore my demand.

My question is, is there anything I can do to get justice in this situation ?

Thank you for attention you will pay to my issue.

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Justified complaint?

Suggested solution:

Compensate me for the loss, refunding the bitcoin fraction I lost.

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