Complaint: Lost all my funds while account is disabled

on 04 February 2021 about Binance in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

On the 020221, 19:50:00 Israel time, a hacker somehow got into my Binance account – noticed just because I happened to open my Binance app and I saw that all my coins were transferred to BTC
I understood something is wrong and on that second I disabled my account (whiles you disable it you cant re-enable it again for 2 hours), plus all pending orders and withdrawals should be canceled! (it’s very important to mention that while I disabled my account my funds were still in my wallet!
40 minutes later(while my account is disabled and cannot be enabled again for at least 1 more hour), I got an email that the hacker’s withdrawal was successful.
and i lost all my funds.

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I think Binance shout accept it was their fault, and refund me my lost funds.

Lost all my funds while account is disabled
Lost all my funds while account is disabled
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Hogsihi Breslerman
Hogsihi Breslerman (@guest_2663)
8 months ago

that;s unusual to say the least!
with that i have a high level of trust when it comes to binance, if account was disabled than i assume binance would own the bug/issue mentioned.
wishing you a positive outcome 🙂