Binance complaint: Extorsion with False charge of money laundering

on 18 April 2023 about Binance in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

I was due my first taking of profit from Binance Luxemburg in early March. I did not receive and then advised I was now part of new Blockchain agreed with Dubai. Immediate demand to pay £18,000 to go to 5 bitcoins. Only able to raise £9000 immediately and before the balance could be sent my Broker offered to loan me bitcoin from his account which I welcomed. He transferred from his wallet to mine. I subsequently deposited the balance but a CFO Michael Verder advised my Broker he was guilty of money laundering and because I new of the transfer I was also guilty by association.

At this stage the Broker I am told has been suspended . The Luxemburg Binance support team headed by CFO Chris Boret will not communicate with me and I am threatened with a report going forward opening a criminal case against me, until I satisfy the requirements of CFO Michael Verder. He says the only way to fix the problem of the Brokers bitcoin being in my wallet is to cancel the transaction and for me to send another £18,000 plus a ‘fine’ of £6900 plus another £1600 for processing a total of £26,500. The so called ‘fine’ is in fact a payment that is needed helps you to open up unverified account and helps your name to be withdrawn from the criminal case I have that statement in writing from CFO Chris Boret before he ceased communication with me . His final position that all is frozen for me at Binance Luxemburg until Michael Verder gives green light.

The latter’s position that I am to be reported for money laundering to some authority he doesn’t identify unless I pay up the £26500. The words blackmail and extorsion spring to mind. I only joined Binance in February this year and so far invested some tens of thousands sterling and find myself in this position following the guidance of Binance’s Broker. I have told Michael Verder that I will not forward the money he demands which in fact would incriminate me to make payment to avoid criminal action. It is an extraordinary situation I find myself in.

Quite unbelievable at my age of 82 who saw advertised on my laptop at the start of the year and thought what a good opportunity to top up my savings. Most of which are now with Binance. My account balance etc plus 5 bitcoins amounting to over £100,000 . I am bewildered by the position I find myself in but must explore every avenue to recover and restore vital savings for the remaining years of my wife and I.

Suggested solution:

Cancel this manipulated charge of money laundering and the threat to have me reported for criminal activity. Then Michael Verder to give green light to Chris Boret to close and settle my account.

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Gustaaf (@guest_6777)
16 days ago

was the name of the broker Phillip Normann?

Gustaaf (@guest_6806)
13 days ago

These guys are not working for Binance.They are scammers using false portals, un-tracable phone numbers, false identities. Avoid any contact with so called brookers or agents.