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on 06 September 2021 about Best Western in category Hotels / Motels

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If I could say DIRT SORRY as a score that’s a real review. My daughter who is a crisis nurse was booked to stay there. Her agency frequently contacted this facility and already paid them in advance for her room and board while she helps with covid-19 In the area. She even was ed with the agencies that the facility was aware of her late arrival due to flight delays. When she gets there I’m on the phone her entire time, she greets a woman who I can hear say “WHAT YOU WANT WE’RE CLOSED” my daughter in returned who has a really bright spirit told the woman her name, and that she has a room booked there by her agency and was told that they were noted of her being late and everything would be fine just to come in a get her key. The woman says well you don’t have a room here. Now my daughter asked her if she was at the right address and the woman ed. My daughter took her phone from her ear to show the woman her updated messages from the agency. The woman told her that “we had to sale your room” my daughter told her that couldn’t be right and that she was going to call her agency. She called her agency and her KOR requested to be put on speaker phone. My daughter did as she was asked. My daughter from there the front desk or whomever or whatever she calls herself because she had no name badge and looked like a janitor became verbally aggressive to her because she stated “they (as in management) cancelled my room when y’all (the agency) we’re consistently communicating. My daughter called me back and all I could here was this woman yelling and my daughter told the woman to lower her tone because she wasn’t accusing her of doing anything that she was saying yall and they In general (we’re from Mid East) my daughter was also heard telling the woman too not approach her in aggressively and to learn how to talk to people especially when you have a JOB with the public. My daughter repeatedly told her she wasn’t blaming her and to stop being disrespectful towards her. My daughter told me another woman was now staring at her in a confrontational look with NO SHOES ON AND A RIPPED UP TYE DYE SHIRT. The woman was also very rude and from my understand a manager named KIMBERLY. My daughter never cursed or was aggressive but was threatened to be arrested. My daughter continued to talk to me while her agent was working on fixing the problem. While talking to me the so called manager KIMBERLY was telling my daughter to stop running her mouth. My daughter told her to stop ear hustling because she’s explaining things to me. HER MOTHER… the police was called. KIMBERLY threatened to have my daughter banned from all of these facilities. Now my daughter literally traveled to Texas to help. She’s a highly loved and respected nurse no matter where she goes because she has a big heart. THE POLICE said my daughter did nothing wrong and that the two so called women were definitely wrong. But I’m here to say if I was there NONE of the bs would’ve went down. NONE OF IT. THIS PLACE IS SICKENING AND FOR THEM TO GANG UP ON MY DAUGHTER WHO didn’t have nothing to do with the mix but show up per her deployment rep. SHES OWED AN APOLOGY.

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The women who done this to my daughter should be fired. I have a feeling that they attacked my daughter because of the color of her skin. She is a Nurse working to help fight against covid and to be treated like that by these scum women, is absolutely wrong

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