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Terrible customer service

Complaint from on 21 July 2021 about BBVA USA in category Banks

Attempted to close a Certificate of Deposit with this bank. Got passed from one unintelligible rep to another. Was told that this redemption could only be done online, which didn't work. Web site impossible to navigate. BBVA is like all... Read more

Why Bank of America Was Sued

Complaint from on 01 July 2021 about BBVA USA in category Banks

BBVA COMPASS is changing to PNC and they’re doing the same thing BofA was sued for. I’ve been charged several NSFs because I’ll pay a bill and they hold the money for days - waiting for smaller amounts to come... Read more

racial profiled

Complaint from on 26 February 2021 about BBVA USA in category Banks

i went to bbva on hillcrest road to withdraw funds. the bank teller who was doing was transaction was asking me questions that i felt he should not have been asking me if it was my account and he had... Read more