Complaint: A ticket that is unusable

on 04 June 2022 about ASAP Tickets in category Travel

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My complaint:

Hi, I sent a copy of my tickets, a copy of the Japan rule to not allow airport transfers, and a small sampling of my email conversation with Tushar, the asap agent that repeatedly scammed me and refused to help. Asap and Tushar sold me a ticket that transfers airports in Japan, which is not allowed under Japan rules. He scammed me on everything he could. It is crazy to sell a product to someone that is useless, and a package plane ticket that does not allow us to fly is a fraudulent sell. My wife was hoping to return to the Philippines to see her dad before he dies and I wanted this to work but the lies and scams never ended with this asap company. Asap could have fixed the flight from Tokyo to Manila by getting a flight from the airport we landed in Tokyo at to fix the mistake but they just continued to lie and scam me at every turn. I appreciate Citi card and all you do to help me as a costumer. I will provide you whatever additional information I can. Thank so much! Rick Larson

Suggested solution:

Quit lying and fix the fraudulent flight they booked that is unusable because it transfers airports in Japan which is not allowed. Like selling a product that doesn't work and then blaming the costumer for buying it. On top of that providing the rudest and worst costumer service in the history of business.

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