ARCO Gas Stations complaint: Gas Pump Malfunction

on 25 January 2023 about ARCO Gas Stations in category Gas Stations

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My complaint:

As I was going to start pumping gas, I lifted the nozzle and all the gasoline started coming out uncontrollably. It got all over my car and my clothes. As soon as went to talk to the cashier they sent someone to pump my gas and all she said was “there you’re done”. I asked her if they had a cleaning procedure, she told me to take it to the cashier. I went inside and tried asking him if they had a cleaning procedure and asked if they would reimburse me for the gas that spilled. He said no and that he couldn’t do anything. He told me to speak to a manager and I continued to say it was his job. He brushed me off.

Suggested solution:

They should reimburse me for the spilled gas that I paid for. Also have a cleaning procedure for gas malfunctions. Also have a better attitude.

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