Arbys complaint: Poor Customer Service

on 22 July 2022 about Arbys in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

Ordered 1 Mac N Cheese for $3.00 (2$6 deal) and when I opened the container when I go home, there was about a half inch of Mac N Cheese on the bottom of container which averaged about 25 cents a Noodle. Plus, the RB Classic, RB Double, and the 8 RB Sliders were all cold.

My total bill was $35.93 and I tried to use my gift card which still had 18.64 and my credit card. Carol R swiped both cards several times and charged the whole $35.93 to my credit card and told me at the drive up window that my gift card was denied. I told her there was $18 left on it and I used it at her location before. Carol R did not offer to check with her manager and stared at me until I got frustrated and drove off with my order.

Suggested solution:

Refund me the $35.93 or give me a gift card for $40. Plus, train their new employees how to apply valid gift cards to the bill and they old saying, the customer is always right.

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