Complaint: Insulting Customer Service

on 03 February 2022 about Apple in category Consumer Electronics

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My complaint:

I brought my new I Phone 13 mini (bought from Verizon January 25, 2022) in at around 2:30 February 3rd,2022 to try to find out why my calls were being dropped. My apple Watch 7 I had bought the same day from this Apple Store was working great. They made an appointment for diagnostics at 3:35. During the appointment, several diagnostics were made, and it was determined that I would need a new body for the phone. I was to come back at 5:15. When I returned at that time, I found that they could not complete my repairs because we had forgotten to get my signature. Now we were going to have to go through the whole process again. (I had already been waiting over 3 hours. One manager brought out a new phone to give me rather than have to give up my phone again, but they could not get it to work online. At this point I was very frustrated, and I asked to get someone that could override the computer. Up until this point, all of the employees I had worked with (especially Shane and Raule) had been nice, helpful and respectful. Then Kyle Upshaw came to me. He was the rudest employee I have ever encountered. He was insulting and belittling to me, and he refused to listen to me. Among other things he told me I could not have a new phone, take my hands off of the box, and I would have to wait for the diagnostics AGAIN! Needless to say, I was not a happy camper! I needed to have a phone, so I waited another 15 minutes for a new body to be put into my phone. When I got up to call my husband outside the store to tell him why I was late, this Kyle moved the bag I had at my seat to give my seat to another customer, even though there were 20 other seats empty. This whole episode is not what I expect from Apple customer service.

Suggested solution:

Talk to Kyle Upshaw to make sure he doesn't treat another customer the way he treated me.

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