Amazon Music complaint: Telling Customers this is Better is Insulting

on 10 November 2022 about Amazon Music in category Online Services

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My complaint:

For Amazon to tell customers that Amazon Music’s changes are an improvement (“Access to a much bigger catalog!”) is insulting, when you have forced sequencing on playlists, you can’t request individual songs that you’ve paid for and content that used to be free now can’t be played on demand. This is a shameless user-unfriendly action intended to compel users to pony up a monthly fee. Giving users access to wider catalog when you can’t request ANY songs on demands is tantamount to telling a diner, “You can have a broader choice of lunch choices, but if you ask me for a pizza, I may give you a burrito instead.”

Suggested solution:

Revert the service back to the way it was in October 2022.

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Angela (@guest_5755)
15 days ago

I totally agree. Music is the only reason I pay for Amazon Prime!! I can’t find what I want to listen to any more..