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on 18 May 2023 about Amazon Music in category Online Services

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My complaint:

I’ve been unable to stream music for more than a month on Amazon Music. I’ve reached out to customer service four times regarding this issue and have been put through a rigorous troubleshooting protocol that takes over an hour each time – none of which resolves the issue. Only after forcing me to go thru the repair protocols theater do the reps finally admit this is a known issue tied to a recent software update. They can’t provide an ETA on when this problem will be resolved. The problem is Amazon is not offering any credit or refund while it is unable to provide service for this extended period of time. It is unacceptable that Amazon can charge exorbitant membership fees and sell customers pricey devices, like the Echo Show 8 which I have, only to leave customers without service. I’m now forced to use other music services and devices that involve additional costs. I’m not alone in experiencing this problem. Customer forums like Down Detector show a huge spike in reported problems over the past two months. Thousands of customers, like myself, are unable to stream music on Amazon Music. If this were a matter of a few days without service that would be understandable, but this has been going on for over a month now. I want a credit or refund for this break in service.

Suggested solution:

I would like a store credit or refund for this break in service with Amazon Music

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