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Upgrade for FreeVee Ad removal

Complaint from Hartmonn321 on 06 February 2024 about Amazon Freevee.

It is a well known fact that users do not want to see commercials. FREEVEE needs to provide an option to upgrade for ad removal. Every time I start to watch A show and realize there are ads, I immediately quit... Read more

Comments: 0

Kicked us out of movie

Complaint from John Fields on 02 January 2024 about Amazon Freevee.

We were watching Tennessee Christmas movie on Freevee and it kept kicking us out of the movie when it was down to the last 5 minutes of the movie. It showed a countdown and then started a new program. We... Read more

Comments: 0

Film ending early

Complaint from Shahoorsur on 21 December 2023 about Amazon Freevee.

Enjoying watching the classic movie 12 Angry Men with my wife when five minutes before the end it immediately moves on to another movie that we had no interest in. Completely spoiling our enjoyment of the movie. Amazon Freevee really... Read more

Comments: 1

Commercials out of sync

Complaint from on 24 November 2023 about Amazon Freevee.

On dateline channel commercial starts in mid word. First, the “don’t go away” block with music plays for 60 seconds then goes back to show for 4 seconds and in mid word then goes to a commercial. Dateline frustratingly only... Read more

Comments: 0

Unnecessary ads

Complaint from Hogan one on 24 November 2023 about Amazon Freevee.

Used to be able to watch hogans heroes without ads all the way through the movie. But now you have ads everywhere! Every time a change of scene you have a commercial! Get rid of all the extra commercials and... Read more

Comments: 0


Complaint from John Mattice on 13 November 2023 about Amazon Freevee.

I did not add nor do I want the freevee app on my firestick and when I went to remove or uninstall freevee it says it can’t be removed!! This is not ok or proper business practice to add apps... Read more

Comments: 0

Tired of comercials in spanish

Complaint from Cmetz94 on 02 November 2023 about Amazon Freevee.

I am tired of watching shows in english then having to watch ads in spanish. I am feeling disrespected and degrated. If i wanted anything in spanish I would have chosen that as my language default. Get rid of the... Read more

Comments: 0

Episodes do not finish

Complaint from Freevee user on 14 October 2023 about Amazon Freevee.

Watching Judhe Faith and episode will end half way through and start the next episode or end right before the actual end of the annoying! Read more

Comments: 0

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