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on 14 October 2020 about Aldi in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

Purchased cabbage, but got rung up as iceberg lettuce (see attachment no. 1). Went back to original cashier, she was busy so another cashier (Staci is on her name-tag) took up the error and re-keyed the entry. In deleting the iceberg lettuce for $1.25, she weighted the cabbage and charged $2.23 for the cabbage at 2.82 lbs with .79lb (see attachment no. 2).

I knew that was wrong when seeing her hand rested on the cabbage while it was weighted, I went back to the produce section and re-weighted the cabbage. Sure enough the cabbage weighted less than 2 lbs. I went back to the cash register and asked Staci to weight it again, she was then started getting on the defense that’s what she got when she weighted before. I told her, then let me see its weight while you have it on the scale. Sure enough, it came out to 1.72 lbs. She started to ring me up for .79 which is only 1 lb. I told her that is still wrong because it’s 79 cents a pound and that cabbage weighted more than a pound. Frustrated, I asked for my money back…. even while she kept insisting on doing an exchange(?).

She then called the manager who told her to give me my money back, but the whole time she was continuing in explaining to both me and the manager that is what she’s got when she weighted it the first time. I then told the manager that I saw her intentionally rested her hand on the cabbage while weighing it the first time. Instead of apologizing, the Manager took her worker’s side and said: She did not mean it! and just walked away.

While waiting for her to give me my money, she kept telling me that was the weight… and I told her: I know what you did, and you did it intentionally! And that is uncalled for and it’s an unnecessary a malicious act. She then started to raise her voice so everyone waiting in line can hear her: You got your refund, now get out of the store before I call the police!

I left the store feeling very mistreated and cheated by this cashier along with the poor customer service from the manager. Not only the cashier tried to cheat on me, but both she and the manager did not even offer an apology for their mistake, but instead even threaten me with the cops. How shameful!

Both Staci and her manager were white females, and I am an Asian male. Is that got something to do with this episode? I don’t know, but I can only raise that as a fact.

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