Complaint: Assault Complaint of an Elderly Customer

on 21 February 2022 about Alaska Airlines in category Airlines

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My complaint:

Let me begin by saying I am Senior Citizen and an Alaska Mileage Plan Account Member… I was at the end of a 12hr ordeal in which my direct flight from SJC to KOA had been cancelled and rerouted via a 2 hour layover in Seattle. I was compelled to wear a mask the entire time which I did. After arriving at KOA I used the restroom, near baggage claim B-2 facility, where I dropped my mask on the floor while washing my face. It was soiled and contaminate so I threw it in the trash can. Not thinking I was a threat to anyone, since I was wearing a Clear Pass Bracelet which meant I was Covid negative, I proceeded to get my luggage to leave the Airport. After retrieving my luggage and making my way toward curbside a Baggage Claim Attendant began yelling at me about Masking Mandate and that I was still on Airport Property. She proceeded to raise her voice dramatically while scolding and ridiculing me as I was making the short 20 foot distance to pubic transport. All this time we were in open air environment with plenty of social distance being observed… I was clearly no threat to her or the public at large… She bitterly accosted me with disrespectful reviling to which I was in no condition to respond…My only replay was Not to worry, I am leaving. Both hands full pushing and pulling 100 lbs. of luggage my only thought was to flee Airport Property.. whereupon I was rushed at by a man chasing me as I stood at curbside… I braced myself for what appeared to be a physical assault as he was highly agitated screaming that I had been warned and this was my final warning… Neither assailant had bothered to treat me with respect or seek and explanation or even to offer me a mask… At this point no explanation was going to satisfy their distaste for me as I stood my ground and reiterated my response.. My ride is waiting, I’m leaving… Totally confounded he grabbed my baggage, to which I was still holding tightly, ripped of a tag and threatened me… You Will Never Fly Alaska Again~!! and left…. Does this attendant have the credentials to blackball me from Flying Alaska? Does he have the power and authority of Summary Judgment? I must say I was totally shaken and my wife was frantic as well… Shame on those custodians of flight at Alaska… They are indeed tasked to enforce the rules but discretion on how to apply the rule with common sense and with courtesy should not be lost.. We felt assaulted…Please do not treat the Flying Public as the Enemy. The sense of courteous and empathetic interaction with a loyal customer means the difference of between loosing and retaining a them.

Suggested solution:

Training of Personnel to view the public as adversaries is producing a combative attitude with some attendants and airport staff which need to be revamped... the emphasis on a true sense of courtesy and empathetic interaction with loyal customers means retaining them... This cannot be overstated.

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