Complaint: Booking Reference BZG9MO

on 05 April 2022 about Air Transat in category Airlines

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My complaint:

I have sent the following email to [email protected] on 20220205 and a reminder on 20220226 but have no response at all.

Dear SirMadam,

We are very disappointed customers of yours and were let down completely by your staff on 01022022.

We booked a flight (Booking Ref: BZG9MO) for two of us which was scheduled for 01022022 from London Gatwick airport to Toronto. We arrived at the airport about 4 hours before the departure time because we were coming from Manchester to London by cab and wanted to have a plenty of time for luggage booking etc. However, we were told at the airport counter that there is some technical issue and airport staff was not able to issue us boarding passes. Your airport staff then called their Canadian counterparts and kept looking to fix the issue but neither they could tell us what the issue was, nor they were able to fix that. They did not allow us to board the flight and on the top of that they left us with just a helpline number which was really not very helpful. We called helpline many times but they said they cannot do anything until they receive technical report from the airport (we were told by airport staff that report has already been sent). We were completely frustrated and tired after spending 7 hours on the airport when finally someone told us that report has been received but we can only get a replacement flight on Saturday. After doing some arguments and called for supervisor, we were finally able to receive an offer of next day flight and overnight stay in a hotel (that took another 3 hours).

I had to redo my covid test urgently (on airport) because it got expired after two hours of scheduled departure time and we also spent money on taxi from airport to hotel and dinner. Apart from extra cost, the physical and mental stress was just too much to handle and we really felt helpless at one point when your staff just refused us to board the flight and your hotline number also did not give us a positive response.

Our extra costs are £296.73 (breakdown below):

Covid test £119 £18.99 (chronomics and express test)
Uber taxi: £78.74 (from Gatwick airport to hotel)
Hotel taxi: £50 (from hotel to Heathrow airport)
Dinner: ££30

We really want you to issue us an apology (none was our fault) and to compensate us for this trouble. Ideally you should give us a full refund of this tour. We are your regular customers and expect you to meet basic standards of customer service and hospitality. Most expenses evidence is attached but dinner and hotel taxi were paid in cash.

Looking forward to your fast response.

Kind Regards,

Muhammad Kashif Qureshi

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Suggested solution:

They should compensate me for my loss and issue a refund.

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