Complaint: i bought every game,i got Xbox ultimate,i updated ur warzone game,and I can’t play modern and warzone

on 14 January 2022 about Activision in category Gaming

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My complaint:

every time I try to get to the game selection ur game crashes and does this endless loop of crashing restarting, i bought so much shit and i can’t even play wtf and b4 i had to deal with invisible guns,long loading times just to navigate thru the game menu, lag even tho i have 5g 20ping wifi,apex never lags and to be honestimma spend all my moneythere if u cant make ur game enjoyable, plus fire bullets?really?i hope to get these issues fixed

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FIX YOUR GAME!!!!!!!!!!!

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devan dorrington
devan dorrington (@guest_4794)
3 months ago

also? racism = INSTANT, PERMANENT BAN. wtf is wrong with activision letting this go on. START HANDING OUT IP BANS TO RACIST CUNTS

NTM THE FACT THAT how many KIDS ARE PLAYING THIS WHEN THEYRE CLEARLY LIKE 11…. THAT should be fucking illegal. next time some fucking 11 year old pulls this shit, im sending the clip to activision and i swear to god if you dont deal with it im fucking suing man.. ratings are a joke too

Last edited 3 months ago by devan dorrington