Complaint: Employees Refuse to Help

on 28 July 2020 about Wish in category Retail Company

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My complaint:

So far I’ve had a good experience with one wish employee. I can’t even keep track of how many I’ve been in touch with.

All they do is send automated responses to questions I never asked, or to explain what to do on the Wish App to resolve my issue.

Mind you that EVERY SINGLE EMAIL I’ve sent was because I’d already used the customer support portion of the app and the questions I needed answers to weren’t available to click on.

The further I press for answers, the more they send me to someone else so I have to start from square one explaining the issue all over again.

Does the next person read previous emails sent back and forth to further understand what the problem is? Serious question considering not one response has indicated that anyone reads period.

One employee sent me pretty much the same email three times in a row despite me explaining in three different ways why that email didn’t answer anything I’d asked. Those three emails were after other emails I’d written describing the problem and getting no helpful advice whatsoever. The only time this person indicated they’d read what I wrote was when they sent me to someone else because I asked to speak to their supervisor to complain about them.

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Suggested solution:

READ. They have one job. Read customer emails in order to clarify what the customer should do to resolve their issue.

No one should be able to transfer a customer to someone else until they've at least tried to assist in some way that corresponds with the customer request.

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