Complaint: Winred repeatedly spams me via text and despite calls won’t stop

on 30 December 2021 about WinRed in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

I get almost daily spam texts from candidates who use Winred. The only way all these people are getting my information for candidates and things that have nothing to do with me is to get it from Winred. I have contacted them to be removed from their database but they claim that various candidates only use their platform and they have no responsibility for these Spam messages. That is patently ridiculous since they are the source of the issue. I made a one time donation to a candidate and now cannot get rid of these annoying texts. Replying stop only works for a single campaign. I’m ready to file a lawsuit to make it stop.

Suggested solution:

Get my name off their lists and get the texts to stop. I am beyond irritated. Also the GOP needs to take note of this because I will tell you that I will never, ever, ever donate to anyone or any entity that had anything to do with this disrespectful and unethical organization. How any legitimate candidate or candidate committee or campaign would ever use this annoying platform is beyond me but if this doesn’t stop. I’m looking at a class action. I’ll bet I would find lots of Democrat leaning attorneys who would love to file suit.

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Steve (@guest_4921)
4 months ago

I agree. Ditto for me!!!

anonymous (@guest_5053)
2 months ago

I, too, am dealing with an absurd amount of texts from multile numbers. I’ve tried to “stop” them but they just text me from different numbers. I have no interest in supporting something so stupid like this – it makes me feel like they’re spamming people to help putin with his war more than anything. discusting.

Steve B
Steve B (@guest_5090)
2 months ago

I did the same thing with the same result. I have replied “stop” AND blocked about 100 numbers! I am still getting at least one text per day. Frustrating!

Meadow (@guest_5253)
10 days ago
Reply to  Steve B

One per day? I just got four in one hour! Republican candidates need to learn that people are fed up and will NEVER donate as long as they are associated with the RNC.