Complaint: Scammed by being over charged and ignored

on 28 August 2020 about WinRed in category Payment Providers

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I made a $5.00 donation to WinRed 7-19-2020, understanding it was to be a once in a month donation. It’s all I can afford due to the Plandemic putting my husband out of work after we purchased 2 semis for the beginning of being self employed in the oil hauling business. I checked my bank account yesterday and found that WinRed wasn’t taking out just $5.00 a month but had within the first 2 days had taken out two $5.00 donations and 6 more donations once a week afterwards. I called WinRed to get this straightened out waiting about 20 minutes for customer service. Finally a man answered. It took awhile for me to find the information he needed, which was the rv(customer ID ) and the debit card . I’d misplaced the debit card of which I’d put the donation on but my husband called the bank and we gave this rep the rv which he said would be all that was needed. The last 4 calls I gave WinRed ALL the information required and more. I was told the problem was taken care of. The representative took the information, said she’d be back.
No one came back on line. The line went dead…as before! Not knowing if the call was intentionally dropped, I called back. I went through the same process with another customer service agent. At the point of which I was waiting for ation, I was hung up on…again. I wasn’t sure, but calling back 4 more times and having this happen leaves no doubt that it was intentional. Sure enough it happened again, then again. I supplied not only the rv but the transaction dates and the last 4 digits of my debit card the last 4 times. I believe it was the 4th time that I was on hold and the call dropped without me being able to speak with customer service. The next call 5th, I got a hold of a representative who ed that my money was going to be refunded. By then I wanted it all back and my monthly donation cancelled. She assured me all of my money was refunded. I’d given her the dates of the money pulls by WinRed from my account. When I checked my account it showed that WinRed had pulled another $5.00 from my account while I was trying to resolve this with this. Not only that but instead of pulling it out 7 days apart, they pulled this last one two days from the previous one. The representative said I’d be refunded the full amount but upon checking after this call they’d refunded only $5.00 of the $50.00 they’d taken! That is deceiptfull and disgusting! The 6th call I spoke with Russel. He took my report and said it would take something like 2 to 5 business days. I’d asked for a supervisor with the last 3 or 4 representatives. All told me they didn’t have one, had no ID, and would only give me their first names. This is a scam company. At this point, with the scam partial refund, the last illegal pull from my account while I was on the phone with WinRed, customer hang ups, stalls, and the two hours it took I’m thinking of putting my story on Facebook to expose WinRed for what it is. I now wonder how legally the funds are being reported and used. I love President Trump and I know he wouldn’t support such actions by WinRed. I don’t want to hurt any funding he might get but wonder how many struggling people your for profit organization has scammed. I’ve had to cancel my card out with my bank and now have to wait for a new one. WinReds actions are a disgrace! I’ll donate, but not to to you. I want my money refunded!

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Refund all of my money and cancel my account out.

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jon (@guest_2605)
2 months ago

this was my experience. i made a one time donation and to my surprise it became monthly. i had to get mybank to stop paying them

None Your
None Your (@guest_2891)
17 days ago

Only fools would donate to This is corrupt software and JARED KUSHNER and the trump campaign created this garbage that has ripped off so many.