Complaint: Rude Order Taker / Cashier

on 13 June 2022 about Wendys in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

This morning at 7:25 a.m. I pull into the drive through. The cashier lady comes on asking what I would like with me barely having enough time to even look at the menu. I asked for a Dave’s single with cheese everything on it and a large chocolate frosty. The order taker and cashier lady says only breakfast is being served like I did not even know what day it was, and I didn’t, I just woke up and it was kind of dark I thought it was still Sunday night.

I asked if it was still okay to order a chocolate frosty and she says no, only breakfast from the breakfast menu as if too bad you are out of luck today come back later. Feeling very uninvited I said, “While I am here I may as well have a bisquit with egg and sausage” in very clear and firm perfect English. She asked me to repeat my order probably because she was not at all listening. She asked if there were anything else and I asked if they could put a piece of ham on my sausage bisquit with egg. She says, “What?” like I was playing some kind of joke and made me repeat the request if they could put a piece of ham on it.

She says they don’t have that and I said okay. She told me the total and to pull up to the window. At the window she has the door pulled closed and dials on the telephone as if she were calling the police on me. I had to wait and wait for her to finally open so I could pay. As she took my credit card I could see one or two large frostys on the counter exactly where my order was coming through. This caused me to look around foolish like I might still have a chance at getting a frosty thus making fun of me. She gave me the tiny bag as if, here, here is your puny order. She made her weight problem obvious by giving no chance to say any kind word.

Suggested solution:

They need to listen to the order as it is spoken, they need to stay off the phone, they need to open the window and take payment and not make wait for no reason, and dont tempt with frosty on counter where my meal is coming like I am going to get one, yeah;

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