Wendys complaint: Despicable customer service and food quality

on 13 November 2022 about Wendys in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

This was my second time coming to this Wendy’s after my last horrible experience a couple of months ago which I thought was just a bad day for them. Previously, in April I went through and got a loaded baked potato and I didn’t look at it when I received it through the window and just drove off. The potato was not loaded and was literally upside down in the container. I called the store immediately and let the manager on duty know what had happened and offered her pictures. She offered to replace the order and make sure it was placed correctly. I didn’t accept, I just want leadership knowing how these people are treating your customers.
11112022 was my second time coming through since April. We ordered two meal deals of the bacon cheeseburger. After my cousin came home with the food I noticed the bacon cheeseburgers were not bacon and everything, literally everything was ice cold and tasted horrible! I took a bite of everything once. Wendy’s is right around the corner from her house so it’s not like their was ample travel time to make the food get so cold. It also tasted straight like grease. It’s a very trying time in the world right now and recovering from the pandemic you want to make sure that you’re spending your money wisely and for qualitative results. Service has went completely downhill in the last year. It’s like people don’t want to work anymore. As a leader it makes my heart hurt! It’s so disappointing! Really just want you aware of what’s going on in your business. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Suggested solution:

By speaking with management and making stops by the locations to make sure things are positively and proficiently being handled!

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