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My complaint:

Workers’ Compensation Board – Alberta
To whom it may concern
On 17th January 2021 I submitted two letters G040-Request for Review on email of Janice Goldman ([email protected]) complaining about the Act of Fraud and lie by providing a fake and Invalid Job lead that resulted in stoppage of my Benefits
Letter 1 Request of review for CL0021 WLS decision dated November 19, 2020
Letter 2 Request review for CL033A Appeal Issue dated October 22, 2020
KOODO_MOBILE phone bill_2020_11_17
I have written complaint to President of WCB Trevor Alexander 31st Dec 2020
In all these I appealed for Justice for providing me fake and false information that was basically was fraud;
I was expecting some justice after seeing all the evidences instead the decision was shocking she says

As this first criterion was not met, I did not proceed to review the remaining questions or Mr.
Hamid’s remaining submissions and also it is my decision that it was not
Correct to estimate Mr. Hamid’s post injury earnings capacity on the position of a medical
The reason she did proceed to review the remaining questions was that she wanted to protect the people who had fraud on me and I never questioned about suitability of Medical secretary job or about job earning She total changed the path of the complaint and never she r said whether fraud act was done or not meaning she supported the crime
The Second Act of Fraud was done when Catherine Sanford sent me email on Nov 6, 2022, 9:32 PM informing me that according to our records it was done on March 31, 2021. But interestingly on opening the document it revealed date to be 12th May 2021, both dates were conflicting and not true.
Falsifying the re-Employment Triage assessment file which was forged as the data embedded in file showed it was not created in 2021 and furthermore, the triage on 12th May 2021 was never done because my phone bill did not show any such calls on the said date (bill Attached).
Again complained to Janice who again ignored the crime and discussed irrelevant facts.
Now I want the explanation of this behavior and want exact answers of the events.
Till this moment I have been very patient and cooperative but it seems that despite all of my requests were turned down arrogantly although they should be ashamed and apologetic. If my concerns and grievances are not solved I will not hesitate to contact anyone and everyone to get justice
I look forward for your appropriate response
Furrukh Hamid 6793515

Suggested solution:

Should realize and feel apologetic for mistakes although mistakes are serious

I want you to restore my following rights

1- Provide me the Six week of computer refresh course recommended by case manager.
2- Provide me Physiotherapy at Northern Hill Sports Physiotherapy Calgary, which was repeatedly denied as according to them WCB cannot provide physiotherapy other than Brooks, AB. Previously I was approved and did Physiotherapy in July 2020 at Northern Hill Sports Physiotherapy Calgary which had dramatic impact in my recovery, and this is also vital for my future recovery. I think this depends on the mood of the approving authority.
3- Allow me to get consultation with my previous Sports Injury Physician, Dr. Chris Beavington at Group23 Sports Medicine, Calgary who is looking after my injury.
4- Decision GE030A DRDRB review should reviewed again and also should take into account of the current behaviors and actions pointed out by me in this letter.

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