Complaint: Poor and disturbing General Manager behavior

on 12 April 2022 about Walmart in category Retail Company, Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I have never seen or heard such unprofessionalism when it comes to the General Manager, Coco. I have heard her talk and curse at employees that are requiring assistance. Such terrible leadership, especially for a leadership role. I feel absolutely terrible for the employees that have been on the receiving end of her behavior. I am shocked that such a family-oriented retailer would want or accept the behavior of a GM representing Walmart in this manner. I’m positive that employees have complained or are too scared to say anything because of retaliation. Today I was very disturbed as I was in the Subway grabbing a sandwich and she came inside their establishment asking if Subway had any pretzels, the young lady said no, the warehouse is out of them. Coco then told the Subway Assistant manager that she had a bad attitude. Which is completely false. Subway manger was helping customers with their orders and Coco’s inside their establishment yelling and being an asshole. I was sickened to witness this grown adult bully the Subway Manager. After so long, it’s only natural for someone to end the disrespect. Subway manager said, you know what’s disrespectful are your employees taking my chairs that my customer’s seat in out of my lobby and not bringing them back. Coco (GM) told her to stop pointing her finger in her face. She pointed at the chairs not in Coco’s face. The topper for me was watching this young lady cry because she was bullied by this Manager Coco. She was so upset and rightly so. Come to find out this was a minor that was being bullied by an adult. Sickens me. Anytime I have ever been to Subway the Manager Sierra has always had a smile on her face. She is very kind to her customers, and I can tell she enjoys the customers. She knows my order by heart. The GM Coco came back into the Subway just to tell her that she was coming in to start shit. OMG! Who does that some immature adult that is a terrible person? Your GM Coco should take some lessons from the Subway Manger Sierra. I really feel like this is not a job for Coco to be in or be responsible for.

Suggested solution:

Fire the GM Coco. Maybe some leadership classes but I don't think she would learn anything because she clearly thinks her behavior is okay to display in front of customers at Walmart and Subway. Coco should not be in any leadership roles at all.

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