Complaint: Cell Phone purchase and set up account with Straight Talk with false information

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My complaint:

I purchased an apple iphone and a prepaid Straight Talk cell phone card from Walmart (address above) on January 30,2021. It was a special sale which was offered through Walmart store. I went in and filled out paperwork and turned it in and got the phone. Someone turned in false information on my address being the 4550 Kester Mill Road and provided a false email address: [email protected] I live in Kernersville and I have never had any gmail email, plus my name was misspelled as well. The Order Number was 1132859082. March 2022 I recently tried to transfer the cell phone service and discovered that I had a MAJOR PROBLEM due to all of the false information, which I was NOT AWARE of until I started this process. I was unable to VERIFY that I bought the phone since NONE of the information was put in correctly to Straight Talk. I continued to use the prepaid card every month and NEVER had any communication with Straight Talk until I tried to get cell phone service transferred. Straight Talk is NOW telling me that they will NOT transfer the phone UNTIL I purchase another PREPAID CARD for another month. This is NOT my fault that the information was NOT set up correctly. I am NOT sure just how or who did this BUT it has certainly created major headaches for me. I have filed a COMPLAINT with the BBB and FCC as well.

Suggested solution:

Someone needs to CORRECT the errors which have been made and contact STRAIGHT TALK about REMOVING THE PORT PROTECTION so the cell phone number can be TRANSFERRED to another company.

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