Walmart complaint: Never received express packages

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My complaint:

I ordered groceries express so I would have groceries by AM. Waiting and waiting 34 hours later phone call from driver says where do you live?? Brown building all brown buildings have numbers I said yes but my building is Grey building 2 apt 227 I said I got hit by a car so I can’t walk out to front of apt. Complex but I will stand out front of door. He said yeah I got hit too. But I have amputation and all bones crushed in motorcycle accident or I’d not pay exorbant amounts for express delivery. And especially not to hear about how he can’t find my apt!!!. So he takes fake picture and drops off at wrong pla e!!

Suggested solution:

No charge for groceries on reorder and no delivery charge!!! Check my account I spend alot of money at that walmart!!!! Check my frigggin account I\'m very upset about this!!

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