Walmart complaint: Exploding taco sauce

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My complaint:

I purchased a 16 oz. Bottle of Great Value mild taco sauce at Walmart store no. 5727 in Bradenton, Fl. on
72022. When I unscrewed the the cap and began to remove the seal, there was a violent explosion of the
Contents . Approximately 50% of the bottle ended up on my face, clothing, lighting, ceiling, kitchen island etc.
However, more importantly, the splatter damaged and stained two upholstered bar stools at the island..

On 72722 I returned to Walmart with the bottle and explained what had happened. They completed a claim
Form and forwarded it to Walmart Claim Services who established a file no.10176639 for the claim. They
forwarded the claim to the product supplier, Richelieu foods Inc for resolution.and advised me that I would
be hearing from them in 5 to 7 days..To date 11322, I have yet to receive any communication from them.

Suggested solution:

They should contact me and advise the status of my claim and Walmart should have followed up with
Richelieu Foods Inc.

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