Walmart complaint: Employee Unprofessionalism

on 18 July 2022 about Walmart in category Retail Company, Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I have been a customer at Wal-Mart for the past 40 years. I have never experienced such rudeness, unkindness, and, most crucial unprofessional behavior as I experienced at store number 01177. I was self-checking out my items and tried to ask the checkout attendee a question. She cut me off with such a rude statement to say, ma’am, I’ll be right with you; as she was on her phone, granted she could be looking for a price or whatever, but her disposition was with a nasty attitude. I waited until she decided to come; when she came over, instead of assisting me, she went to another customer who didn’t ask for any assistance from where I was standing. I told her again, excuse me, and she walked away with this statement, ma; am, there are two people ahead of you, which was untrue.

As I was grabbing my bags and receiving my change from the change dispenser, she finally decided to assist me with these words, what do you need, what do you need?
I responded that I didn’t need anything now and left the store.
Walmart’s brand doesn’t need to be tarnished by such a person.


Suggested solution:

This person doesn't have the personality to work with customers in this capacity. She needs professional training on engaging with customers.

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