Vinted complaint: Counterfeit Bape jacket

Complaint from Jjwws reported on 23 October 2023 about Vinted

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My complaint:

I am new to Vinted.
The first 2 items I bought were bags and the seller was blocked so I got a refund eventually.
I then bought a coat which I could tell was definitely a fake when it arrived because of the size, labelling, material and tags. I told the seller who just said send it back and he’ll sell it again. I asked for my postage to be covered he said it was free to return. It isn’t. He got very abusive. I asked for his email so I could send it back. He did not respond. I had already said I’d send it back myself not through Vinted and asked for help from them with this. I didn’t get any help.
I had to post it myself and it cost £5. So out of pocket by £11 so far with the first delivery included.
The item was delivered within the set time to his neighbour (across the hall) because he wasn’t in. There is a pressure to get it back by a certain time. I complied.

I have contacted Vinted all the way through the process and received weird replies that don’t have any relevance to my issue…. Read more

Suggested solution:

Refund me straight away. Stop this seller selling counterfeit goods

Counterfeit Bape jacket
Counterfeit Bape jacket
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