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My complaint:

I needed to be picked up from home and taken to the airport.
Somehow I managed to enter my pickup point at the airport.
So I tried to cancel it, but they charged me $5.75 for the ‘drivers effort’
The Driver should have known I did not want to spend $13.75 to drive from the airport TO the airport. I watched the map and he literally drove in a circle around the airport parking lot.
I sent him several text messages saying I CANCELLED THIS
Then they charged me $5.75, asking if I agreed to it. I kept clicking NO, but it just kept asking

Suggested solution:

return my $5.75 and instruct their drivers that something is clearly wrong and to call the customer, when the pickup and drop-off are the exact same place. My phone number is there (the moron called me and said I am here [Duh... you were already there.])

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