Complaint: Somebody else’s order

on 19 September 2021 about Uber Eats in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

The whole order was wrong. I asked the delivery driver if he checked the details of the order as he showed me on his phone what is to be delivered to my address which is a KFC 10 piece bargain bucket. It was blatantly obvious the content was not a KFC 10 piece bargain bucket. He handed over two smallish paper bags. One contained what felt like two cans of drinks and the other maybe a burger for one or two? I showed him my order on my computer and pointed out that it corresponds with the details he has on his phone that he is to deliver a 10 piece bargain bucket. He just wanted to leave and told me to phone and complain and ask for a refund. I refused to accept the wrong order and he reluctantly picked it up off the floor after he realized I was not going to keep it. I suggested phoning and asking what I need to do, but he had to get on with his deliveries and made it very clear he is only the delivery driver and has nothing to do with the orders. He left with the miserable-looking packet which obviously has been travelling around for some time. It felt cold to touch and I saw him taking it out of the boot of the car. The outer package looked greasy and I did not appreciate the food coming out of the boot of a car. It was a bad choice to use Uber Eats. As this is the first time I have used them I am very certain I will never use them again. I would like my money refunded and a discounted voucher. It was an unpleasant experience and as I am disabled and cannot physically go to KFC to raise a complaint I do hope this matter is dealt with without delay. Very bad service.

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Suggested solution:

A refund and a voucher from KFC for a future order. I want an immediate response and explanation of how this happened and why the Uber Eats driver did not verify the content was correct when he was handed the order. It is a lack of service and a no care attitude.

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