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on 11 January 2023 about in category Travel

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My complaint:

I wish to complain and expect a refund of £169.99 which I spent unnecessarily because of misinformation from

I booked flights to Goa. We were booked on flights from LHR to Delhi, Delhi to Goa, Goa to Mumbai, Mumbai to LHR. Booking No.:21053032437

05112022: emailed me to say that our booking from Goa to Mumbai had been changed to a later time meaning we would miss our onward flight to London (LHR)

I had a number of telephone conversations with who were unable to find an alternative flight which would meet our connection in Mumbai, even on different dates. We decided to cancel the holiday, expecting a full refund as the change was not our doing.

11112022: wrote to say that our cancellation request was not successful. We were shocked but decided to book a flight which would get us to Mumbai in time. We bought tickets with at a cost of £169.99 (Customer reference: 40-312986666). This was easily done but were unable or unwilling to do it.

We arrived in Goa and went to the IndiGo desk. They told us that we were on the passenger list for the flight we originally booked with (Flight VS8839 at 0645). The flight had NOT been moved to a later time.

We flew from Goa to Mumbai on VS8839 and made our connection.

I wrote to, requesting they refund the £169.99 that I spent unnecessarily because of their own misinformation. replied: In regards to your concern, I do understand as well the situation you are referring to, however, as much as I would like to override the system and go beyond my limited access, any attempt of processing your request will automatically denied by the system since it is made to follow the rules and regulations by the airline company as our agreement with them.

In summary, gave us false information, saying that our flight had been moved to a later time, too late for our onward flight. refused to refund us for this. We therefore spent £169.99 on tickets with another company, tickets that we never used and never needed to buy.

We think it reasonable that should refund this wasted expense and quite pathetic that they blame company policy on their refusal to refund me.

Suggested solution:

Refund my £169.99.

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