Complaint: Discriminatory song on tiktok

on 22 June 2022 about TikTok in category Social Media

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My complaint:

There is a song titled (use this if u like men) being played on tiktok! The song specifically says, monkey ass niggaz n a zoo! I have filed numerous complaints to tiktok in regards to this demeaning, very offensive, humiliating, vile, disrespectful, degrading and discriminatory song towards black, brown and indigenous people! Tiktok has sent me several notifications stating that the song does violate community guidelines, and that they have removed the song on the playlist, however they are continuously allowing the song to play on all videos, they will not and have not removed the sound from all videos! Tiktok claims to have a safe environment for all, and yet this doesn’t apply to the black and brown creators on their platform! Hundreds of people have reported this song and yet tiktok is ignoring all concerns and complaints. At this point tiktok is in violation of their own community guidelines, 1. By not creating the safe environment that they ban others for 2. By allowing racial slurs and discriminatory acts (within this song), to continue to play! 3. By not removing the sound as they have done to others who have violated their community guidelines! Tiktok has not removed the sound, they have put a notification that says click if u want to to see this video! The sound has not been removed even though their notification that I submitted to u says that it has!

Suggested solution:

The only way this can and should be resolved, is to remove that song and sound from this platform and all videos that are using it! Non negotiable!

Discriminatory song on tiktok
Discriminatory song on tiktok
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