Complaint: Discrimination and humiliation of a 100% disabled Vet

on 29 April 2021 about The Salvation Army USA in category Non-Profit

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My complaint:

Boycott the Salvation Army – I am a 100% disabled Veteran with a breathing condition and other medical issues who went today to our local Salvation Army Office to offer them a free program. Instead, I was treated like a person with mud on their shoes, someone less, discriminated against because of my disabilities. I had gone to the office believing I would be addressed professionally, offered to meet with a director or someone, to review the program I was offering. Instead, I was treated like so low class person, unchristian and so unprofessional that I will never direct anyone to the Salvation army for any reason and will boycott donations to them, talk about racist low class, low life discrimination….I can not support any organization willing to put my life at risk and those disabled in their care. As I stated, I am a 100% disabled Veteran, I have a breathing condition that does not allow me to wear a mask, I carry my VA ID with me and my vaccine card with me at all times. Before I could even review my program which we were offering free, at no cost, I was told I had to leave, some very large man in civilian clothing came out and told me he wasn’t interested in any thing I had to say, that as I refused to put on the mask, even after being told I was disabled, that I was to get out. He accused me of threatening his staff, this was not the case at all. I had first spoken to a black female who said I had to where a mask, I told her first that the ordinance for wearing a mask had ended and that I could not wear a mask because of my disability. She left and went to get the man who refused to even hear my program offer, then he got very loud and told me to get out. I have never been so discriminated against due to my disability in all my life, I am notifying my family throughout the USA and my military family, to boycott the Salvation Army if this matter is not resolved and an apology provided.

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Suggested solution:

Provide a space for Veterans with disabilities who can not wear a mask a space to speak with staff, adjust your policies so that they do not discriminate against the disabled and train your staff to be professional.
I will be sending a copy of this complaint to all 9000 family members and those in the Atlanta area as well. I personally require an apology for the unprofessional, hostile attitude, and discrimination.

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