Complaint: 119th st. Overlandpark, Kansas

on 17 March 2020 about The Salvation Army USA in category Non-Profit

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Well to begin with , the manger at this store happens to be a close friend of mine. But something’s she told me the other night whial she had a couple drinks, has well left me uneasy. And I’ve lost some sleep over the ordeal. She told me that the people who donate gift cards have no fing clue that they never make it to the bank in S.A. accounts. She said the people are so dumb they donate these cards and that they are untraceable and they go into her pocket. She giggled and pointed to her new car and said that the people are making her car payment. Now granted she was tipsy but she didn’t sound as though she was kidding. She went futhur. To say that the jewelry, the real stuff never makes it to the floor either. According to her she takes all the jewelry to another friend in which he then has 3 other guys whom takes and sales it to the. Pawn shops and the ma and pa shops in Missouri. In witch she splits the profits 3 ways. She went on to say that she has a good team working for her and that her floor manger. Under her is in on the deal to. I don’t know why she told me all this. She’s a friend and I guess she thought she could trust me. She said it’s the best job ever and that she’s made hundreds of thousands of clean clear money this way for some time now. It made me look at her with disgust and revolve. Needless to say I’ve lost sleep over this and I can’t let it go. I’m loading a friend and I’m fine with that knowing what I now know wishing I didn’t know. That money isn’t hers and now I can see how she can afford to live the life style she lives. Because on her salary there’s no way it’s possible to have what she has. But it’s not my concern from hear on out. It’s off my conciause now. I told the truth about what I know. Maybe I can finally get some sleep.

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I don't know. Just do what's right. Do the right thing.0

Message from Robin from

1 year ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about The Salvation Army USA

Comment by poster of the complaint Tjc1970

1 year ago - I would like to be compensated for the lost sleep over this. The mental stress I was put through and for the time put into informing you of the issue. I truly hope something is done about this and it's not sweet under the rug .

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