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My account number:6035 3208 1736 7434 My name is : Gabriella Gal 12517 W. Well St. El Mirage AZ.85335 623-583-4313 The payment date of my account is June 9.22.where you think the debits is $45.00 a HUGE MISTAKE.,since the previous balance was $25.16 April on the 27th. they returned what I have the REFUND customer copies from total is $17.84
$ 5.95 $11.89 $17.84. You are billing me $17.84 as a PAST DUE!!! Amount of a refund since PAST DUE??? How can you be such a stupid bookkeeping? I called and whoever answered the phone said it was the amount of my bill and I owed $45.00 How can she apply such an ox she can’t count? So the previous balance $25.16 Refund -$17.84 balance$7.32 which I paid on May 9.22..I DO NOT OWE!!! My balance is ZERO!!!!!But top of that your ox agent is demanding a fee of $27.16 In this case refund as past due plus fees $45.-????????It is a tragedy how stupid they are. If I can’t have the correct bill as $00.00 I will contact to BBB. Since I called that there had been a mistake and she keeps telling the person I am wrong, so I am stupid. It is not me, it is your subordinate!!!! I hope I receive the correct bill for $ Zero balance.
Thank you
Gabriella Gal

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