Texas Roadhouse complaint: Bad dining experience

on 17 May 2023 about Texas Roadhouse in category Restaurants

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My complaint:

My steak was raw. Not even seared on bottom side. Took 30 minutes to get my meal. My wife was done eating completely by the time my steak came back. I complained to server to no avail. I asked for the manager who was rude to me. Major attitude. Rolled her eyes and shook her head walking away. I told her I didn’t want to eat alone and take the food back. My baked potato was cold as well.
Full charge for meal. I left the food on the table untouched. She offered me a 15.00 coupon.
75.00 ticket and a tip to the server he didn’t earn. He abandoned us. Manger said he was new. Well, I suppose your customer has to suffer for his bad training and lack of experience. That’s not my problem. Well it is now! The attitude by staff was un called for. I never lost my composure. I just let them know this type of service was unexpected. Not like our numerous visits and patronage before. I will pursue this to your highest levels of management. I would like to tell someone how rude managers result in loss of business. Obviously I am not happy after sleeping on an empty stomach for a meal i was charged for and declined to accept.
I should have walked out and let them do their worst trying to charge me for a meal I didn’t eat.
Ruined our special occasion we went out for.
I did say that I came to eat WITH MY WIFE. not watch her eat and wait for her to then watch me eat.
So, at least u know why we won’t be back to Milton, Fl. Texas Roadhouse.
I was polite but firm with the manger. Dakota was her name.
I am also very active in the community. I will tell anyone who will listen about your restaurant. I wouldn’t advise having this type of experience to anyone looking for a good meal experience.

Suggested solution:

Make it right. As far as I am concerned, yall owe me dinner.
A 15.00 coupon dont cut it. Actually an insult on a 100 dinner I never touched.

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