Takealot.com complaint: Missing items from my order

Complaint from Pupu reported on 16 August 2023 about Takealot.com

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My complaint:

My order had missing items when takealot delivered the boxes on the 3rd of July some of my items were missing and they delivered one box with incorrect items. The incorrect items were returned and collected from me on the 10th of July. But they are failing to deliver my missing items till today. They are taking me from pillar to post for what I have paid for. They are requesting me to return the items I did not receive.

Suggested solution:

I need my refund or for my items to be delivered. They should check with their suppliers. I believe they delivered my items to someone else because on the app it says all items have been delivered to me.

Takealot.com complaint Missing items from my order
Takealot.com complaint Missing items from my order
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