Complaint: We want a refund!!!

on 04 October 2021 about Swiss Chalet in category Restaurants

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My complaint:

We ordered our dinner for delivery at 626pm. The ETA came up as 715pm. At 740pm I called “customer service” ( I say in quotes because this was horrendous customer service) and she put me on hold to call the store. She came back and said she’s called twice but no answer. She said she’s putting me though to someone else that can call the driver. I get the second horrendous CS agent who asks me what my issue is. So I have to explain it again! She puts me on hold to call the store. I told her not to bother. The other agent already tried that. They aren’t answering. She rudely said she’ll try the store and put me on hold. She never returned! This phone call was 20 min! 17 was just being on hold. She left me there for 17 min! I hung up and called again. Got another absolutely terrible agent. In the meantime, my ETA randomly updated to 827pm. That is TWO HOURS after I ordered!!! This final phone call was another 25 min! The driver finally shows up. Food is cold, missing part of our meal and received small sauces when we ordered large. Called customer service again and was told they can credit us for the missing food! CREDIT me??? I paid for it and didn’t receive it!!! What a horrible experience. Very very disappointing for Swiss chalet!!!

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Suggested solution:

I would like a full refund for my entire order! Or at the very least, the same order again for free!

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