Complaint: Refuse to Offer an Accomodation to a Disabled Veteran

on 10 April 2021 about Swiss Chalet in category Restaurants

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My complaint:

I am 72 years old, and a customer of Swiss Chalet for over 40 years. I suffer a disability with joint pain, specifically my legs and knee. I have difficulty standing for long periods of time. Previously, I have been in the store several times, and while waiting for the order, sat on the arm of the bench. I follow Covid protocols, wear a mask, and the bench is six feet away from the server and customers.

The Manager saw me sitting on the rail of the bench, and asked me to stand up. I told her that I was a disabled veteran and cannot stand up very long. Her reply was. I understand… Alternatively, I asked her to provide me with a chair to sit and wait for the order, she said that she could not do that. Why? I said to her, you are the Manager and can easily offer customer service to a disabled person.

I understand that there is Disability Act signed by the City of Toronto. For instance, it allows for a blind person to bring a seeing-eye dog into the store. I do not wish to escalate this complaint to the Human Rights Tribunal.

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Suggested solution:

I told her several times that I suffer a disability. Each time she said, I understand... . But would not do anything to help me to resolve this issue. I assert this Manger and others need to be informed that a pandemic does not preclude them from providing customer service when needed. In fact, it is more needed that they take care of the most vulnerable. Managers need to be informed of the Disability Act and Code of Ethics. I understand is an insufficient remedy.

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