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on 20 February 2022 about Supercell in category Gaming

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My complaint:

Myself and my son played the game together. Over time spent money for us on in app purchases for power ups. I maxed all of the characters for us both, by buying coins etc. It meant a lot to my little boy
My complaint is once new updates were installed, all of the power ups were removed. Why spend all that money on the older version, only to have to spend more money if you want to power them up again on the new updated version.
I contacted Brawl Stars support team. Eventually agreed to refund I payment only, even though I showed them proof of numerous payments. They said that once they refunded I payment, I would no longer be able to play the game. After I queried this, they apologised. Then they messaged to say they would refund me I payment only but deducted -150 in app credits. Do within the game I was penalised. Meaning I can’t buy anything until I pay back -150 deficit. The only way to do this is to play the game until I die or spend more money to buy in app purchases!
The attitude from the Brawl Stars Team was appalling. It ended by them telling me that I could contact them again at a later dated regarding any other issue but the one above.
If I had known that this would happen I would not have spent a single penny on this game. I understand they need to make money but this is greedy.

Suggested solution:

Firstly apologies for their total lack of customer service. If they had shown any understanding and tried to resolve this reasonably, then I wouldn't be writing this.
Firstly remove the minus credits that they have put on my game, because I raised this issue with them. As a mother who has spent money for my son and I , it is reasonable to complain or ask the question ,why have the things I've paid for gone, because the game has been updated
Secondly as a gesture our games could be credited.

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