Complaint: Wilted veggies, old bread, soggy toppings

on 30 April 2021 about Subway in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

Upon entering the store the general atmosphere was unusual for the location, the employees were not at the station they were in the back of the store they were talking laughing loudly, food was laying on the service area unattended eventually a woman came from the back started to take care of the food there as though finishing an order so we waited.Finally she asked what we wanted she started to make my sandwich she kept trying to make my food her way instead of the way I wanted it. It was clearly a language barrier, when we finally got around that I went for my usual veggies the lettuce was brown, the tomatoes were soggy too ripe, the spinach was wilted, the whole topping tray look old to long refrigerated. I didn’t take my order but decline the order but my friend took there’s when they unwrapped the order took a bite the bread was not fresh it was hard to tear when bitten. The whiole experience was bad, not to forget that the staff was rude didn’t pay attention to what the customer’s were ordering

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Suggested solution:

To many kids are working in these stores without real experienced supervision at least 1) one person should speak understand English. Make sure that a person of knowledge checks food makings make sure it meets USDA standards before it leaves the store

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