Complaint: Very bad service

on 20 November 2020 about Subway in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

When we went into the store there were four people in front of us she’s served all of them it took her probably about 15 minutes to serve them so when it comes to us she acted like we wasn’t even there she didn’t say hi she didn’t say wait a few minutes she literally acted like we weren’t even standing there she proceeded to prep the breads four trays and at this point she did really even looked up in a Knowledge Test and she seen us sitting there I even heard her tell somebody a customer that she sent her help home early so after waiting after a certain amount of time we ended up walking out and as I walked out I looked back at her and said thanks for taking so long and that was very rude of her to act like we weren’t even there so you lost out on our money and a customer I called back after we left and asked for the district managers number she gave it to me but the other Subway told me she wasn’t allowed to give it I don’t know but as far as I’m concerned she should not have sent her help home early if she knew that she couldn’t handle it and customers come first she should have did her bread after she served us that was bad customer service very bad this was on Friday the 20th around 2:45 to 50 she was a little bit of heavy or set girl wore glasses long hair in a ponytail I did not catch her name.

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By fixing it and getting onto her and letting her know that she should not be sending her help home early if she's going to be busy and she shouldn't be ignoring customers she should greet them when they come in by saying hi or she's busy I'll be right with you instead of just acting like there's not even anybody standing there at all we did go to another Subway that we had to drive a couple miles out of our way to get and they did excellent service there I don't have a picture to download it's hard to take a picture of bad customer service

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