Complaint: Treatment of an employee by the owner’s son who is also an employee

on 23 March 2021 about Subway in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

The owner’s son is an employee at the store he is between 18 and 19 her daughter is also an employee there she is 16 she has left her there to close the store which she is not old enough to do her son used the n-word making a racial slur towards a customer after the customer complained about her sandwich and he makes other employees feel unsafe that work there due to their sexual orientation. This employee’s name is Aiden and I don’t think he belongs in customer service if he does not know how to treat the customers or he does not know how to work with other employees of different sexual orientation. I have tried calling corporate I have tried calling headquarters and get nothing but when another employee feels unsafe to be there because of their sexual orientation and another employee is using racial slurs there is a problem especially when the employee making the slurs and other people feel unsafe is the owners son.

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Suggested solution:

I do not believe that the owner's children should be allowed to work in her store because it gives favoritism and it is unfair to the other employees this employee also wants to close the store at 9:45 and therefore the other employees have to clock out early because he is the boss's son or excuse me the owner's son so they feel like if they don't clock out because he wants to close the store at 9:45 even though they do not close till 10:00 that they will get in trouble and you should not have to work in an environment like this.

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